Environmental Benefits:

  1. It is environmentally friendly and resilient to earthquakes.
  2. Concrete is used as a construction material in nearly all developed countries, including our neighboring nations.

Practical Benefits:

  1. Provides greater sound, fire, and heat insulation.
  2. Requires fewer wall penetrations for installing electrical/sanitary pipes.
  3. Concrete does not excessively absorb water like bricks.
  4. Does not need prolonged soaking in water before masonry.
  5. Concrete blocks are less prone to cracking, dampness, and fungal growth compared to bricks, making them more durable.
  6. Requires less plastering compared to brick masonry.
  7. Concrete pavements are more durable, long-lasting, and easier to maintain than asphalt pavements. 

Economic Benefits:


    1. Reduces both the weight of your structure and construction costs.
    2. Due to the lower thickness of plaster, mortar consumption is reduced.
    3. Walls can be built quickly using hollow blocks as they are larger in size and uniform.
    4. Requires less mortar, labor costs, and time.
    5. Overall, using hollow blocks can save approximately 30% of expenses.
    6. Concrete pavements are cost-effective compared to asphalt pavements.

Environmental Benefits

Blocktech concrete blocks are earthquake-resistant, fireproof, and provide superior thermal insulation. They require less water for production, are durable, and reduce maintenance, contributing to sustainable construction practices.

Practical Benefits

Blocktech concrete blocks offer numerous practical advantages. They reduce the weight and construction costs of structures, requiring less plaster due to their larger size. Walls can be erected quickly with minimal mortar, labor, and time. Overall, using hollow blocks saves expenses and streamlines the construction process.

Economic Benefits

Utilizing Blocktech concrete blocks results in significant cost savings. They reduce both the weight of structures and construction expenses. With less plaster needed due to their size, mortar consumption decreases, cutting down on labor and time requirements. Overall, employing hollow blocks translates to substantial economic efficiency in construction projects.


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