HWB- 150 mm

Block Information


Application: Partition Wall, Boundary wall, Garden, Air ventilation, Retaining walls, Pillars etc.
Name of Measurement Value of Measurement
Size in mm
Size in Inch
16”x 8”x 6”
Grey Red Black
Average Weight
Strength in PSI
1500 - 2200

Introducing our HWB-150mm Hollow Wall Block, the epitome of durability, versatility, and efficiency in construction. Here’s why our HWB-150mm blocks are the ultimate choice for your projects:

Optimized Design: Crafted with precision, our HWB-150mm blocks feature a hollow core design that maximizes efficiency while maintaining exceptional strength. This innovative structure enhances thermal insulation properties and reduces material usage, making them ideal for sustainable building practices.

Standardized Dimensions: With dimensions of 400x200x150mm (16”x 8”x 6”), our HWB-150mm blocks offer standardized dimensions for seamless integration into various construction applications. Whether used for interior or exterior walls, these blocks ensure consistency and precision in your builds.

Vibrant Color Options: Available in Grey, Red, and Black, our HWB-150mm blocks offer a range of color choices to suit your design preferences. Whether you prefer a classic grey tone, a bold red accent, or a sleek black finish, we provide options to match your aesthetic vision.

Optimal Weight: Weighing an average of 18.5 kilograms, our HWB-150mm blocks strike the perfect balance between durability and manageability. Their manageable weight facilitates efficient handling and installation, reducing labor costs and project timelines while ensuring robust structural support.

Impressive Strength: With a strength rating of 1500 – 2200 PSI, our HWB-150mm blocks deliver exceptional durability and reliability. Crafted from premium-quality materials, they provide sturdy structural support for your buildings, ensuring long-lasting performance in various environmental conditions.

Efficient Installation: Designed for ease of installation, our HWB-150mm blocks streamline the construction process. Their standardized dimensions and lightweight construction make them quick and straightforward to lay, minimizing installation time and effort.

Thermal Insulation Properties: The hollow core design of our HWB-150mm blocks offers superior thermal insulation, enhancing energy efficiency and comfort in buildings. This feature helps regulate indoor temperatures, creating a more comfortable living or working environment while reducing heating and cooling costs.

Fire Resistance: Built with solid construction and high-quality materials, our HWB-150mm blocks provide inherent fire resistance, enhancing safety and protecting against fire hazards in your buildings.

Environmentally Friendly: Sustainability is a cornerstone of our manufacturing processes at Block Tech Limited. Our HWB-150mm blocks are crafted from environmentally friendly materials and practices, minimizing our environmental impact and contributing to a greener future.

In summary, our HWB-150mm Hollow Wall Blocks offer unmatched durability, efficiency, and sustainability for your construction projects. Trust Block Tech Limited to provide premium-quality building materials that exceed your expectations and deliver superior results. Choose HWB-150mm blocks for your next construction endeavor and experience excellence in every build.

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