HWB- 220 mm

Block Information


Application: Partition Wall, Boundary wall, Garden, Air ventilation, Retaining walls, Pillars etc.
Name of Measurement Value of Measurement
Size in mm
Size in Inch
16”x 8”x 8”
Average Weight
20-21 kg
Strength in PSI
1500 - 2200

Introducing our HWB-200mm Hollow Wall Block, the epitome of strength, reliability, and versatility in construction. Here’s why our HWB-200mm blocks are the ideal choice for your projects:

Optimized Design: Engineered for maximum structural integrity, our HWB-200mm blocks feature a hollow core design that enhances strength while minimizing material usage. This innovative design ensures exceptional performance and durability in various construction applications.

Standardized Dimensions: With dimensions of 400x200x200mm (16”x 8”x 8”), our HWB-200mm blocks offer standardized dimensions for seamless integration into your construction projects. Whether used for load-bearing walls, partitions, or foundations, these blocks ensure consistency and precision in your builds.

Sleek Grey Color: Our HWB-200mm blocks come in a sleek grey color, offering a modern and versatile aesthetic that complements any architectural style. The neutral hue allows for seamless integration into diverse construction projects.

Optimal Weight: Weighing between 20 and 21 kilograms on average, our HWB-200mm blocks strike the perfect balance between durability and manageability. Their manageable weight facilitates easy handling and installation, minimizing labor costs and project timelines.

Impressive Strength: With a strength rating of 1500 – 2200 PSI, our HWB-200mm blocks deliver exceptional durability and reliability. Crafted from high-quality materials, they provide robust structural support for your buildings, ensuring long-lasting performance in various environmental conditions.

Efficient Installation: Designed for ease of installation, our HWB-200mm blocks streamline the construction process. Their standardized dimensions and manageable weight make them quick and straightforward to lay, reducing installation time and effort.

Thermal Insulation Properties: The hollow core design of our HWB-200mm blocks offers excellent thermal insulation, contributing to energy efficiency and comfort in buildings. This feature helps regulate indoor temperatures, creating a more comfortable living or working environment while reducing energy consumption.

Fire Resistance: Built with solid construction and premium materials, our HWB-200mm blocks provide inherent fire resistance, enhancing safety and protecting against fire hazards in your buildings.

In summary, our HWB-200mm Hollow Wall Blocks combine strength, durability, and efficiency to meet the demands of modern construction projects. Trust Block Tech Limited to provide premium-quality building materials that exceed your expectations and deliver superior results. Choose HWB-200mm blocks for your next construction endeavor and experience excellence in every build.


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